Circular Economy in Action

Circular Economy in Action

School Coach Tours

Walshestown Restoration Facility welcomes school tours from primary and secondary level. Tours are invited via coach only, where a sustainability officer from Walshestown will onboard and explain each step of the reclamation process. Walshestown Restoration supports Department of Foreign Affairs Waste Action Plan for a Circular Economy, which seeks to preserve resources by reusing them.

School busses can follow the exact route taken by heavy trucks, first through the check in, then to the point of unloading, where they will learn about how materials can be contaminated, and how different types of materials need to be tested, transported and recycled.

BIRDS EYE VIEW OF THE reclamation process

Within Walshestown’s facility and with a bird’s eye view from every coach seat, students can observe the various stages of the restoration cycle as non-hazardous materials are separated, washed and treated by the machines.

A special focus is given to the water cycle and the closed loop washing system, including how used water is purified, filtered and reused time and time again.

‘The circular economy aims to reduce waste at all stages of the economic cycle and ensure materials are used as efficiently as possible. Waste prevention, a central concept of the circular economy, challenges us to review our existing design, production, distribution and consumption of products. This will move us from the current linear model of Take > Make > Use > Dispose to a more efficient and low-carbon economy.’

Environmental Protection Agency